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    Things Boiled Over...


    Hello and Happy Monday America.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend wherever you are. North Texas about two days away from getting mugged by heavy rain and storms. Sunny and mid 70's until then. Which takes me back to yesterday...

    My thanks to Dan McGrath, Karen Sampson, and Brett Bumgarner for doing an outstanding job as host and guests for the 4th annual Cool River Crawfish Boil in Grapevine, Texas. A crowd of 125-200 people made the trek to McGrathville all afternoon long. There was enough crawfish to feed an small army.

    Over 100 pounds worth and 45 pounds of red potatoes. There was also enough Louisiana spice to keep an oil spill aflame. Lots of beer, gatorade, chips, dip, mixes, cookies, corn, Rum, gummy bear shooters, soda, and quiche.

    Great to see a large turnout of coworkers. Most of them half my age. Always great to see youngsters work and play together and create friendships that will lead to lifelong relations. One of the many things I always loved about the restaurant industry-the fraternity it creates.

    Bartender Gary brought along an east Coast delicacy I completely forgot about. Pork Roll sandwiches! Add some cheese, onions, mustard, and mayo and you have the consistency of a patty melt.

    The volleyball court was set and ready. We ate, drank, and played. Need to remind myself I'm closer to 50 than 18.

    Something about being up on the net and ready to spike a setup before a younger set of hands leaves you scrambling for a low hit. 

    Members of the Walton Stout Band were in attendance and also the Pirate Girls. In between the process of watching live crawfish getting cleansed, boiled, and spiced I found time to take pictures and get some rapid fire interviews in honor of my 30th podcast.

    Under sunny skies and a light wind in 72 degree weather we had an ideal Sunday Funday.

    Great to see Tiger Woods finish with a bang yesterday at the Honda. Not quite the winner despite his lowest score on an 18 hole course ever-62-Tiger looks to be back in the hunt for golf supremacy in 2012. Rory McIlroy now the second youngest golfer to be ranked #1 in PGA history.

    As the sun began to set in Grapevine it was time to go south and hang with some friends of the show 'Big, Rich Texas' for episode 3 watching party at St. Ann's in downtown Dallas. My first time there. What a nice outdoor patio setup. 

    While watching the girls of 'Big Rich Texas' spin their webs of intrigue I fully immersed myself by the outdoor fireplace that meshed so well with the rapidly cooling temperatures. Great to run into more faces I have met on Facebook over the years. Good times.

    5 games in 6 nights. Oh to be a Dallas Maverick this week. Ouch. The only home game will be tomorrow night against the Jeremy Lin led Knicks. That will be one hot ticket! It will also be a homecoming for Tyson Chandler who will get more cheers than Lamar Odom will hear the rest of the season.

    The murmurs you hear keep getting louder for the start of March Madness in one week. Bring it on! I am ready. Did John Belushi really pass away 30 years ago today? Sad, but true.

    Make it a great day! 

    Over and out in Big D

    Mr. Will


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